Our Story

In today's society cyber bullying is major issue among everyone, from children through to adults. Ravenswood School For Girls and Knox Grammer have collaborated to create awareness to help this increasing issue.  Many students have come aboard this project inspired. In response to the video produced by {school} , we wanted to get on board with their message and contribute to the awareness of cyber bullying. We care, and we know others do too, so we have joined forces with others who are willing to support our cause!We also found many people we could relate to with the same problem, not only we found others that were sad, but discovered that people among ourselves were hurting. We turned this sadness into inspirational use and the "Invisible Hearts Project" was born. 
Our schools, Knox and Ravenswood, strongly agreed that cyber bullying is an increasing, troubling, but also controllable problem and have worked together enthusiastically to gain momentum behind this developing project. 
We have gained many followers who support our cause to create awareness to cyber bullying. People all around the world have contacted us with their own stories and their support shown through photos, comments and videos. (other school) has been following our tweets, posts and updates and have gained interest into what our mission and goals are as well! Through music, blogs, surveys and online social networks we have been able to gather many supporters. We have found so many people we can help and others that wish to help us too! 
Our goal is still yet to be reached, but within our sights!